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The management of the corporation possesses great experience and expertise extending for more than fifteen years in this field, therefore it believes that the continuous development is associated with the norms of its human resources through its constant pursuit of creativity and innovation and the enhancement of productive capacity and abundant logistical service availability

TATTOO 610 chair
TATTOO Laser Mixer
Laundry 6600 TATO
811G TATO ceramic washbasin

Corporation Rokn dama for Sanitary Ware

Corporation Rokn Dama

Corner Dama Corporation is one of the leading institutions in the field of sanitary ware trading, and the owner of the brand TATO in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it is committed to providing the finest level of products and services according to the highest international and local quality standards, which made it have competitive advantages in the Saudi market starting from choosing the best types of raw materials through Using the best tools to reach the best products in order to satisfy our dear customers

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Corner Dama Foundation is one of the leading institutions in the field of trade

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